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The locking mechanism is the most important and most complex part of the BulKey Code Wallet™. In this article, we will explain to you a little more how it works, what are its advantages and disadvantages.

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The locking mechanism locks both the wallet and the security steel cord. Therefore, this makes it the golden heart of BulKey Code Wallet.

BulKey Code Wallet - anti pickpocket wallet. Travel Wallet. Protect yourself from pickpockets and thefts.

We’ll start with the visible part of the code first.

BulKey Code Wallet’s 4-digit code offers 10 times better security than 3-digit locks on the market. There are 10,000 possible combinations and if someone has to guess your code it will take them a very long time. The white numbers are printed with UV ink, which is extremely wear-resistant. So you can be sure that even with daily use, your digits will not fade or get erased.

But the genius of this lock is not contained in the 4-digit code, nor in the well-made digits, although they are also a great asset. The genius is in the invisible part of the lock.

BulKey Code Wallet - anti pickpocket wallet. Travel Wallet. Protect yourself from pickpockets and thefts.

Before starting the design, back in 2019 we spent a lot of time researching what code mechanisms are available on the market and also user feedback. From everything we read, we learned two very important things that surprised us as well.

  1. Much of the code mechanisms on the market have a way of being seen by the naked eye.
  2. Some code wallets on the market have a problem with self-changing the code.

Even then, we realized that in order to offer a quality and unique product to the market, we had to solve these two problems. First, we made our lock secure.

To get to know the problem in more detail, we ordered several code locks and code wallets that are currently on the market. And we found that with many of them, the correct code can literally be seen with the naked eye. And here we are not even talking about unlocking with specialized tools.

Due to the design mechanism of operation of these products, the selectors that show which is the correct code can be seen. Literally if you spin the wheels you will notice a line or indentation on each specific number that is part of the correct code.

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This means that anyone with a slightly sharper eye will be able to decipher the code without the owner even knowing that there is a breach in the system. Some sellers even advertise this flaw by describing it as “If you forget the code, there is always a way to recover it”. But think about it…if you can open your wallet without knowing the code, so can thieves. Still, that’s their job.

Also, most locks make a specific sound/vibration when the selectors are turned under voltage and a correct number is set.

Does it sound complicated? It’s not… dig around on YouTube to see how many freely available videos there are on how to crack code locks. Keep in mind that pickpockets have a much better sense and something that seems complicated to you may be child’s play for them.

At this point, our many years of experience in locking systems (this is our core business) helped. In less than 3 months we were able to design a secure lock that has an innovative mechanism of operation that does not allow the code to be seen. We’ve also tried to avoid any clicking or vibration when the correct number is rolled, thus making it difficult for even skilled pickpockets.

Now is the time to introduce you to the first principle of locking systems. THERE ARE NO UNBREAKABLE THINGS. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying to you. We want to be completely honest with you – if thieves have enough time and the right tools, they can break into anything.

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BulKey Code Wallet - anti pickpocket wallet. Travel Wallet. Protect yourself from pickpockets and thefts.

The second principle for locking systems is that if the mechanism is too complex and makes it difficult enough for thieves, they choose another easier victim instead of you. However, you are not the only traveler.

Knowing these two principles well, we put all our knowledge and skills into creating a locking mechanism that has an extremely high level of security, and we can firmly stand behind our words.

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But then, how can you open your wallet if you forget the code?

YOU CAN NOT. Don’t be surprised. If you can open a wallet with a code without knowing the code, then so can thieves. There is no way to see what the previous code was (as you can on some other code wallets on the market). We think this is a serious security breach and that’s why we thought about maximum security and the only way to open the BullKey Code Wallet without knowing the code is to break it into pieces…

…or to guess the correct combination out of 10,000 possible ones.

BulKey Code Wallet - anti pickpocket wallet. Travel Wallet. Protect yourself from pickpockets and thefts.

But let’s be honest, just like you remember your debit card pin code, you might as well remember some 4 digits.

The second problem remained – namely, that some mechanisms change their code by themselves. We delved into people’s reviews and ordered such products to find out where the problem is coming from. We found that too is a design problem that is due to the axis of the selectors. When each digit is selected individually, the springs in the mechanism that hold that digit selected can be displaced by mechanical impact. For example if you drop it on the ground.

Imagine the awkward situation when you take your purse out and accidentally drop it on the ground. When you pick it up, find that the correct code no longer unlocks the wallet?

BulKey Code Wallet - anti pickpocket wallet. Travel Wallet. Protect yourself from pickpockets and thefts.

We quickly solved this problem in our mechanism by arranging all the selectors on one axis and securing it with a strong spring that will not move even with a very strong mechanical shock. So there is no way for your BCW code to change itself. Only you can do that.

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In addition, on this same axis we also put the clamping mechanism for the cord. Thus, the Security Steel Cord can only be engaged or disengaged when the correct code is entered.

With all these innovations, we have made a safe and reliable locking mechanism that you can rely on.

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