How can i track my

Bulkey Code Wallet?

Reading time: 2 minutes.

BulKey Code Wallet™ is amazing protection against pickpockets!  It has a 4-digit lock and also can be attached to anything with its security steel cord!

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However is always good to know where you left your wallet if haven’t attached it with the security steel cord. In this article we will talk about different types of tracking so you can have better understanding how  to track your BulKey Code Wallet™.

BulKey Code Wallet - anti pickpocket wallet. Travel Wallet. Protect yourself from pickpockets and thefts.

2. Bluetooth trackers

Thankfully nowdays we have much more compact and reliable technology -the bluetooth trackers! And we made our BulKey Code Wallet™ fully compatible with them. You can choose your brand tracker, connect it with your phone and keep it in your Bulkey Code Wallet. 

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