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BulKey Code Wallet™ is the world’s first wallet that can be locked with a code and fastened with a steel cord.

But why do you need the security steel cord?

We designed BulKey Code Wallet™ to be the ultimate anti-pickpocket wallet. The 4-digit code makes your money untouchable by outsiders! But agree with us… even if you lock it with a 10-digit code, it doesn’t matter if anyone can just take it out of your bag unnoticed and run away with the whole wallet.

 That’s why we also designed a security steel cord with which you can attach BulKey Code Wallet™ anywhere! In this article, we will look at its features, advantages and disadvantages. We will also discuss how much you can rely on the steel cord.

How easily can he cut the cord?

The security steel cord is made of 1mm multi-strand stainless steel cord, which is wrapped in a PVC coating to make it smoother to the touch. The thickness of 1mm is specially chosen so that it is not too thick and the cord can be bent, nor is it too thin and can’t be easily cut with specialized tools. While designing BulKey Code Wallet™ we did extensive testing of the cord’s cut strength. Before we start we need to point out that usually pickpockets dont have any tools in them. They are prеpаred to grab and go unnoticed.  If they use a tool, most often it is a hobby knife as they are prepared to cut through fabric (bags, pockets, etc). 

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First we tried with the most used pickpocket tool (if they use any at all) – the hobby knife. With it was almost impossible to cut the cord. Even after long attempts, only the PVC sheath was cut, but the cord remained undamaged.

With ordinary scissors, we had the same result. Even after long attempts, only the PVC sheath was cut, but the cord remained undamaged.

With Electronic Component Cutters we also tried , even though they are not a typical pickpocket tool. But even with them was too difficult and took an enormous amount of time and pulling.

However, let’s be honest – anything can be cut. For this we also tried with specialized wire cutters. Then the cord was cut the easiest, but they are so big that a pickpocket who wants to remain unnoticed cannot carry them with him.

If someone tries to cut your security steel while the wallet is in you, then you will surely feel a pull that will make you turn around.

Where can I attach the cord to?

To everywhere you need! You can attach the cord not only to a backpack or a bag. You can attach it your bed in the hotel room, for the belt loop on your pants and carry it in your pocket, etc. The loop  is small enough to be threaded through even a zipper hole, so you can attach your BulKey Code Wallet™ even to objects you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Can I use the wallet normally without detaching the cord?

Yes! The length of the steel cord is 38cm(15inch) – long enough for you to use your BulKey Code Wallet™ normally while attached and not too long to get in the way.

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What if someone pulls hard on the BulKey Code Wallet™?

The steel cord withstands a pull stress of over 10kg. In most cases, pickpockets try to remain unnoticed and take valuables lightly. Imagine their surprise when BulKey Code Wallet™  flies out of their hands tied to the security steel cord of your backpack.

And if they decide to pull it harder, then they will also pull you and you will feel that someone is trying to rob you.

Where should I store the protective steel cord when not in use?

For your convenience, the cord comes with a double-sided Velcro strip. With it you can clip the coiled cord and store it in BulKey Code Wallet™ as shown in the picture.

As you see the security steel cord is strong enough to protect you from pickpocket attempts. If you want to explore more about the security steel cord check out this article:

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