Security Steel Cord


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Attention: With Bulkey Code Wallet it is included 1pc Security steel cord. This product here is if you want aditional one, or if you lost your first.

The Security steel cord allows Bulkey Code Wallet to be attached to any obejct such as your bag handle, backpack strap, zips or even your pants belt loop. (see the gallery)

In every Bulkey Code Wallet there are instructions how to attach it, but if you want to have a look in advance, check this VIDEO.


Tie it to anything...

with the security steel cord you can tie your wallet to anything.

4-digit code

Choose your combination out of 10 000 posible ones. You can be sure that no one can access your belongings.



Bulkey Code Wallet is fully compatible with all kind of bluetooth/ GPS trackers that you can put inside. Pick one of your choice and put in the Wallet! Now you can recieve notifications on your phone where is your Bulkey Code Wallet! 

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impact resistant


For this we made BCW from polycarbonate which has one of the best characteristics of all polymers! It is very impact resistant and can hold….


We know that it may look bulky, but comapred to a regular wallet it has even pocket size!

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