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There are different kind of pickpockets. We’ve seen cases when the hotel staff pinches just a bill or two from a wallet left unattended in a room. For such cases BulKey Code Wallet have 4-digit lock so you can be sure that no one can access your belongings. BulKey Code Wallet also has attachable security steel cord, so nobody can just grab your entire wallet and run. You can attach it easily to your bag handle, backpack strap, zips or even your pants belt loop.

That’s why you have an option to attach it with a security steel cord to your bag, backpack, or piece of clothes on you. The cord is strong enough so when somebody pulls the wallet you will feel it for sure! Of course there are many different types of thefts and we can say proudly that BulKey Code Wallet covers all of them! We cannot explain all aspects in these short FAQ, but we wrote an article in our blog that you can read HERE ( reading time 6 min).

First of all, you need to leave your wallet unattended for somebody to have the opportunity and time to break it. If the wallet is with you attached to your bag, believe us you will notice immediately if somebody decides to break it. If you leave Bulkey Code Wallet unattended (for example in your hotel room) it also gives you great protection. There are different cases and scenarios that we cannot explain in this short FAQ, but we wrote an article in our blog about them that you can read HERE ( reading time 6 min).

Every BulKey Code Wallet comes with:

  1. The Wallet itself
  2. Carton Packing
  3. Velure Bag
  4. Security Steel Cord
  5. Instructions how to use it /in English/. (you can find multi-lang instructions HERE)

BulKey Code Wallet is made from polycarbonate which has one of the best characteristics of all polymers! On our YouTube Channel you can see how we literally hit it with a hammer, drive over it with a car, and it is still fully functional after that!

YES! The security steel cord is detachable, and you can use your Wallet without it as well! When you need it you can quickly attach it to the wallet and your bag (or any object of your wish). You choose your level of security!

It is exactly 38cm/ 15 inch long. Convenient enough so you can use your wallet normally without detaching it.

You can change your code easy and quickly. You just need a pointy object such as a pen to push the side button. For more detailed instructions please, check our YouTube channel or download the full instructions HERE

YOU CAN’T. Don’t be surprised. If you can open a code wallet without knowing the code, then thieves can do it as well. There is no way you can either see what the previous code was (as you can do on some other code-wallets on the market). We think that this is a serious security breach and that’s why we thought about maximum security and the only way to open a Bulkey Code Wallet without knowing the code is to break the entire wallet…
…or to guess the code combination out of 10 000 possible ones.

BulKey Code Wallet can hold up to 40 bills or 10 cards. 

The only difference is the Cover design. The security features of each of them are the same.

Yes, you can! BulKey Code Wallet has pocket size for regular pants! Its dimensions are 9.5cm/10cm/2.2cm (3.7 inch/3.93 inch/ 0.86 inch)  which makes it with even smaller size than the most wallets on the market. 

BulKey Code Wallet itself is not GPS trackable. However, you can put inside any tracker of your wish. Please see the question: “Is my Bulkey Code Wallet bluetooth trackable?”

BulKey Code Wallet itself is not Bluetooth trackable. However, you can put inside any tracker of your wish. We have a special explenation video on our YouTube channel which you can watch HERE

BulKey Code Wallet itself is not RFID safe, as this more of a marketing plus. You can read mora about it HERE .However, you can put inside RFID protection you can read more about it on the link article.

Yes! You can order as many as you need from our shop.

Yes. Every single part from BulKey Code Wallet can be fully recycled. Furthermore, we don’t use any plastic single-use bags in our product. Bulkey Code Wallet is packed in velure multi-use bag, that you can keep and even use separately from the Wallet. 

No matter if your wallet it securely locked with a code, everybody can just grab it from your bag and steal it with all of your belongings inside. That’s why we designed this security steel cord, as an innovative and easy way to secure additionaly your wallet. It is made from high quality steel, which can’t be easily cut. 

Yes! If you leave your code set constantly, you can open your wallet by only pressing the open button. When you want to lock it, just shuffle the code.

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