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BulKey Code Wallet™ is the perfect anti-pickpocket wallet. It has a lot of features and advantages, one of which is its convenient size and large banknote capacity. In this article, we will take a closer look at these two features.

It is important for all of us to have enough money in cash or carry our bank cards when we travel. Still, traveling costs money, and in many places around the world we can’t just use bank cards. Therefore, when designing the BulKey Code Wallet™, one of our main goals was to have room for enough bills/cards and yet be small enough to be carried in a pocket.

The outer dimensions of the BulKey Code Wallet™ are 9.4/10.4/2.3cm (3.7/4.09/0.9 inch), making it the size of a normal leather wallet. You can see the difference between the two wallets filled and empty.

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Rounded edges and smooth curves make the BulKey Code Wallet™ pleasant to the touch and comfortable to hold. The hinges are precisely crafted and hidden in the case, while providing 180 degrees of opening.

Of course, a wallet is convenient when you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for in it. For this, we designed a 6-pocket organizer that is made of custom matte polypropylene. To ensure maximum strength, we sew the pockets thermally, which makes them extremely resistant to pulling, stretching and tearing (Most organizers on the market are only tucked). The organizer is large enough to store any currency, but note that depending on the size of the currency, some bills may need to be turned 90 degrees to fit in the organizer.

Banknotes such as US dollars are placed with the fold on the side. Banknotes such as Euros are placed with the fold on the top/bottom. (see the pic of the open wallet)

The BulKey Code Wallet™ can hold up to 40 banknotes or up to 10 cards. At first glance, 40 banknotes may seem like a small amount of money, but if each banknote is of a sufficiently large denomination (e.g. 100 Euros/ Dollars) you can lock in this wallet up to 4000 Euros/Dollars. The cards, depending on whether they are embossed or not, can occupy a larger space. According to the tests we did, the optimal number of cards is 10. You can also store other items inside, such as keys, Bluetooth trackers, etc.

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If you have exceeded its capacity, you will probably still be able to close the wallet. But then there is a danger that it will be slightly “inflated” (you will notice that the two halves do not touch fully together) This will not interfere with the normal operation of the wallet, but would-be thieves would have an easier time inserting a crowbar to try to break the case.

If you wish to use the wallet with a larger capacity, then you can remove the organizer permanently. This will allow you to hold up to 60 banknotes or 18 cards. You can also fit larger items such as car keys. The internal volume of the BulKey Code Wallet™ is 7.5/9.8/1.8cm (2.95/3.85/0.70 inch)

As soon as you hold the BulKey Code Wallet™ in your hands, you will be convinced that it has the perfect size that combines functionality and style.

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