How to attach my

Security steel cord?

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Why you need the security steel cord? We designed BulKey Code Wallet™ to be the best travel wallet against pickpockets. The 4-digit lock makes it unique! But agree with us… even if you lock it with 10-digit code, it doesn’t matter if everyone can just grab it from your bag and run with it. That’s why we designed a security steel cord with which you can attach your BulKey Code Wallet™ to anywhere! How?

You can watch this YouTube Video tutorial or read the article bellow.

Before we start you will need: 

  •  Your BulKey Code Wallet™
  • Security steel cord
  • The object you want to attach it to (it can be a bag handle, a backpack strap, even your pants belt loop)

Take your security steel cord. On the one end you will have a loop and on the other – an anchor

Take both ends and cross them over the object you want to attach them to. (in our case a bag handle)

Pass the anchor trough the loop. Pull the anchor. 

Take your BulKey Code Wallet™ and set your current code. (in our case is 0-1-2-3)

When you set your code, push the unlock Button, and a slit (1) in the downer corner will open (2). 

While holding the slit is opened, slide the anchor inside. When is slided till the end, release the Unlock Button. 

After you release the Unlock Button the Slit closes. Shuffle the code to lock the slit. 

Done! Now your wallet is firmly attached to the steel cord. You can still safely open the wallet while it is connected by the cord. Keep in mind that every time you push the button (in combination with the right code) the tongue retracts, and the anchor will be unlocked for short moment. 

If you want to datach it just set the right code, press the unlock button so the slit can fully open and pull the anchor. Easy-Peasy! 

BulKey Code Wallet™ is the ultimate travel wallet that protects you from pickpockets. With its 4-digit lock you can be sure that no one can access your belongings. You can easily carry out with you, or leave at the hotel room. BulKey Code Wallet™ also has attachable security steel cord, so nobody can just grab your entire wallet and run. You can attach it easily to your bag handle, backpack strap, zips or even your pants belt loop. To learn more, check the other articles in our blog.

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