How to change

my code?

Reading time: 2 minutes.

When you have something that is locked by code is always a good practice to regularly change the code. We designed BulKey code wallet so that its code can be easily changed anytime and anywhere. How?

You can watch this YouTube Video tutorial or read the article bellow.

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Before we start you will need: 

  •  Your BulKey Code Wallet™
  • A pointy object (such as pen)

Set your current code (in our case 0-0-0-0)

Press the side button (1) with the pointy object. Press till the button fully sink (2).

While pressed, set your new code*

*make sure that the numbers of the new code are properly alligned.

After selecting the new code, release the pressure on the button.**

**Be careful to not turn any number from the new code, until the button is fully released.

To check if your new code is correctly set, push the unlock button to open the wallet.


BulKey Code Wallet™ is the ultimate travel wallet that protects you from pickpockets. With its 4-digit lock you can be sure that no one can access your belongings. You can easily carry out with you, or leave at the hotel room.  BulKey code Wallet also has attachable security steel cord, so nobody can just grab your entire wallet and run. You can attach it easily to your bag handle, backpack strap, zips or even your pants belt loop.;

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