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BulKey Code Wallet™ is made of polycarbonate, which is an expensive polymer because of its strength, which is also perfectly combined with elasticity. This makes it extremely impact and pressure resistant. No wonder it is used in Bullet Proof glass. But it’s not just the material that makes BulKey Code Wallet™ so durable.

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We designed the construction of the walls so that when closed, the wallet is resistant to pressure and strong mechanical shocks. To find out how durable it is, we did both computer simulations and physical tests.

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However the real world physical tests will show us more useful information about its strength and durability and that`s why we decided to hit it with a hammer and do some other tests. Here you can see the force implemented on the Wallet. The wallet didn’t even bended and it absorbed all the impact without any negative effects. This is how strong the structure is.

But what if we apply more constant pressure. We will show you a real-life situation if a car accidentally drives over it. For this test we decided to use a BMW X5 car which weighs about 2200kg. Which means that each wheel has a downward pressure of over 500kg. Here we provide a GIF of how we will drive over the wallet. The wallet withstood the weight and it is fully functional. The only thing are few visible marks because of the rough asphalt. However, the locking mechanism and the case are completely functional.

But what happens if you drop your BulKey Code Wallet™? We want to show you that even if you find yourself in that situation your wallet will be totally unaffected and will continue work as intended. But to take things even further, we decided to go to a higher level, literally. In our case the third floor or 7 meters above the ground.  As you see even after the impact, the BulKey Code Wallet™ is fully functional and working again.

But enough talk about impact resistance. Let’s see how the polycarbonate performs when exposed to open flame. We put  BulKey Code Wallet™ under a thermal test where we tried to light it with a gas torch. First, we tried with a normal lighter. Polycarbonate is one of the few polymers that does not burn. As you can see the wallet does not melt or ignite. From the inner side there no visible marks. So, you won’t have to worry about your BulKey Code Wallet™ near cigarettes or other flaming objects.

However for the sake of the test we decided to try with a bigger flame. But to show better the results. We use only the bottom of BulKey Code Wallet™. As you can see the flame is very big and the material burning away. But there is no penetration through the wall and there is only a thermal deformation visible if the temperature is very high and very prolonged. READ MORE: How strong is the security steel cord?

As you see, BulKey Code Wallet™ is made with extremely high-quality materials. This makes it the perfect durable Code Wallet for your travels.

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