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BulKey Code Wallet™ is the perfect travel wallet. It protects you from pickpockets or unnoticed thefts and gives you peace of mind while traveling. But how much can you rely on it?

Since you, the customers, are extremely important to us, we at Bulkey want to be completely honest with you. Therefore, in this article we will look at the cases in which BulKey Code Wallet helps you and the cases in which it does not.

Since we know that very often people do not read the whole article, but only take a quick look, we advise you to read this very article to the end. It takes only 6 minutes.

1. Pickpocketing

You must have already read the article “How Strong is the Security Steel Cord?”. There we tried to cut it with a variety of handy and specialized tools. And with some of them we managed to cut it.

And yet, we claim that BulKey Code Wallet is the best anti-pickpocket wallet. Why?

Because pickpockets want to go unnoticed. They touch gently, steal and disappear. The risk for them to be caught in the act is very high and they try to not attract attention.

When your BulKey Code Wallet™  is attached to your bag (backpack, pants, etc.) with the security steel cord, there are several possible pickpocketing scenarios:

– The pickpocket sees the cord attached and gives up. – The mere presence of additional protection will make the pickpocket prefer another easier victim instead of you.

– The pickpocket doesn’t see the cord and pulls the wallet. – The cord withstands a tensile force of more than 10 kg. And that’s a lot. Pickpockets often grab the items they want to steal with 2-3 fingers, which means they don’t have a firm grip. Imagine their surprise when the BulKey Code Wallet™ flies out of their hand because it’s attatched to your bag. Even if they hold it tighter, you will surely feel the tug and turn around. Then they will be caught in the act and most likely run away. And your wallet will stay firmly attached to your bag.

– The pickpocket sees the cord and tries to cut it – Cord can be cut very difficult and only with specialized tools. As mentioned, pickpockets want to be quick and undetected and they rarely have the time and preparation to cut anything. However, we have seen cases of pockets, backpacks, etc. being cut that have had wallets stolen. But even in such a case, the tools that are suitable for cutting fabric quickly have no chance to cut the protective steel cord quickly, because it is still a stranded steel rope. Of course, let’s be realistic – it’s not impossible, but it will take an enormous amount of time and effort for the pickpocket. Even if he has this motivation, you will surely feel that someone is trying to rob you and again you will be able to react in time.

– The pickpocket takes out the wallet unnoticed and tries to open it. (While still attached) – Although this is an extremely rare and unlikely scenario, in this case, if you have locked your BulKey Code Wallet™  then the pickpocket will not be able to open it and take anything from inside. And even if you didn’t lock it and the correct combination was lined up, the very sight of the BulKey Code Wallet™ would scare off the pickpocket and he’d move on to another easier victim instead.

As you have seen, BulKey Code Wallet™ is really the ideal protection against pickpockets. So far, we’ve covered cases where the wallet is with you, but what if you leave your wallet unattended and someone tries to break in? (A quick note here: leaving your wallet unattended is no longer pickpocketing. (Nevertheless you’d be surprised how common this type of petty theft is.)

2. Theft

Scenario : you leave your wallet in the hotel room and go to breakfast. If you have a normal wallet, a really common theft is for the hotel staff to “pinch” just one or two bills from it. Unless you count all your money upon returning, you won’t notice the missing ones. By the time you realize this, it will be too late to do anything. The person stealing may not just be the hotel staff, it may be your roommate or anyone who has access to your room. The same situation can happen even in your office with your colleagues…

Again, in all these cases, the thieves try to remain unnoticed. Let’s face it, many of us don’t count our money all the time and will not notice its absence until it`s too late. And even then, we have no way of even knowing when were we robbed. Or we’ll just think we’ve put that money in our pockets somewhere.

Fortunately, with BulKey Code Wallet™, this problem is solved. If you have read the article “How reliable is the locking mechanism?”, then you will know that it will take a lot of time for thieves to crack the code. 

The other option they have is to break the entire wallet. For this purpose, we made the BulKey Code Wallet™ from polycarbonate with an extremely strong construction. It is extremely impact resistant. You can see the tests done in this article: “How impact resistant is BulKey Code Wallet?”

But as durable as it is, you should know that there are no unbreakable things. If thieves have enough time and the right tools, they can break into anything. So we’ll look at a few typical scenarios of theft in a hotel (the same can be applied in other places as well)

– You leave your locked wallet in the room and the thief gives up. – As with the cord, the mere presence of additional protection will make the thief prefer another easier victim instead of you.

– You leave your locked wallet in the room and the thief tries to guess the code. – Even if he tries to guess the code, it will take him a very long time. A trick you can do is to lock your BulKey Code Wallet™ and remember the combination you left. If it’s moved when you come back, then someone tried to guess the code.

– You leave your wallet locked in the room and the thief tries to force it open. – BulKey Code Wallet™  is made of polycarbonate and has an extremely strong construction. Any single break-in attempt would cost the thief a lot of effort and time. However, there are no unbreakable things, and even if the thief manages to force open the wallet, he will leave a lot of marks on the cases and you will be able to react again as soon as you get home.

– You leave your wallet locked in the room and the thief steals it entirely – This is an extremely unusual scenario because, as we said, thieves aim to remain unnoticed. If your entire wallet goes missing, then you will immediately report to the hotel manager, your employer or the responsible authorities.

– You leave your locked wallet in the room and attached it to a piece of furniture (bed). – Then the chance of someone even trying to take it, drops dramatically because they’ll have to cut the security steel cord. Again, this would take them a long time, and again, you would notice right away and be able to take the necessary action.


From the scenarios and features listed, it is clear that BulKey Code Wallet™ fulfills all the purposes of protection against pickpocketing and small thefts. These are the most common thefts in our daily life, but they can cost us a lot. However, if you think BulKey Code Wallet™ protection is not enough, the next level of protection is to carry a large personal metal safe with you. Good luck with that!

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