protect yourself from pickpockets!

with Bulkey code wallet


High quallity


Easy to use

have you ever had bills missing?

- while staying in a hostel?
- while been at work?
- after you left your bag at the reception or other bag storage?

did you know...

…a really common theft is that the hotel staff can pinch just a bill or two from your wallet when you leave it in your room. Unless you count all your bills upon returning you won’t notice the missing ones. By the time you realize this it will be already too late to take any action. The person who steals may not be only the hotel staff, it can be your roommate, or basically anyone who has access to your room. The same situation can happen even at your office with your coworkers…

Or have you ever had your entire wallet stolleN?

- While traveling?
- In the subway?
- At a concert, while having fun?

of course...

…having your wallet stolen can really ruin your week! Your cards are missing, your documents, you lose time to go a police station and write reports. All you wanted was to enjoy your day out…

We have the solution for you!

Bulkey code wallet

why Bulkey Code Wallet?

Choose your





you can choose
between two stunning
cover designs


choose your

cover design

Tie it to anything...

with the security steel cord you can tie your wallet to anything.

4-digit code

Choose your combination out of 10 000 posible ones. You can be sure that no one can access your belongings.



Bulkey Code Wallet is fully compatible with all kind of bluetooth/ GPS trackers that you can put inside. Pick one of your choice and put in the Wallet! Now you can recieve notifications on your phone where is your Bulkey Code Wallet! 

BulKey Code Wallet - anti pickpocket wallet. Travel Wallet. Protect yourself from pickpockets and thefts.

*the image is for illustrative purposes only.

impact resistant


For this we made BCW from polycarbonate which has one of the best characteristics of all polymers! It is very impact resistant and can hold….

BulKey Code Wallet - anti pickpocket wallet. Travel Wallet. Protect yourself from pickpockets and thefts.


We know that it may look bulky, but comapred to a regular wallet it has even pocket size!

are you ready for
the travel season?

вземи своето
портмоне сега!

enjoy the moment without
worrying for pickpockets

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